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These Toes Were Made for Walking

Battle past the hoards of school children in the British Museum ogling at the dried up body of a 5417 year old ginger man from Upper Egypt and you might just make it to a small nondescript case standing on the north-facing side of room 63. Here is where, in my humble opinion, the real treasures are to be found.

british museum toe big

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Etruscan Dentures


L0058137 Copy of an Etruscan denture, Europe, 1901-1930

L0058137 – Science Museum, London, Wellcome Images

It will be no revelation to find that the image above depicts a denture, a prosthetic device designed to replace missing teeth. It is not immediately clear which cavities would have the pleasure to be filled by this specimens, but my guess would be the top front ones, known in the world of dentistry as the central incisors, as the two teeth are of similar size and shape. But this is only a guess.

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